Exploring the Quirky Charm of Cleveland: 12 Fascinating Facts



Dive into the rich history and delightful surprises that make Cleveland, Ohio, a city worth knowing. With over two centuries of captivating stories, here are 12 fun facts that might just change the way you see The Land.


Cleveland script sign at North Coast Harbor


  1. The Extra "A" in Cleaveland:

    The city owes its name to Moses Cleaveland, a Connecticut surveyor. Originally spelled Cleaveland, the extra "a" vanished in 1831 when a newspaper couldn't fit it on the masthead. The shorter version stuck.

  2. Boomtown After the Canal:

    The completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1832 fueled Cleveland's growth. By 1920, it was the fifth-largest U.S. city, evolving into a key manufacturing hub during the Civil War.

  3. Electrifying Achievements:

    Cleveland was a trailblazer in electricity, boasting the first electrified public square in 1879. Home to General Electric in 1892, the city became synonymous with innovation.

  4. City of "Firsts":

    Cleveland boasts numerous firsts, from the inaugural indoor shopping mall in 1890 to the first automobile sale in 1898. In 1967, it elected Carl B. Stokes, the first African American mayor in a major U.S. city.

  5. Rockefeller's Legacy:

    Although not born in Cleveland, John D. Rockefeller established his oil empire here. His family's final resting place is the grand Rockefeller obelisk at Lake View Cemetery.

  6. Mansions on Millionaire's Row:

    Cleveland's opulent Euclid Avenue was once Millionaire's Row, home to 250 mansions. Only four remain, housing institutions like Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Children’s Museum.

  7. Terminal Tower Dominance:

    Terminal Tower, built in 1928, was the world's second-tallest building. It stood as Ohio's tallest until 1991, showcasing Cleveland's prominence.

  8. Superman's Origins:

    Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, hail from Cleveland. The Man of Steel's concept was born in the city, commemorated with a statue in the Cleveland Public Library.

  9. Rock and Roll Birthplace:

    Cleveland didn't invent rock music, but it coined the term. The first rock concert, the "Moondog Coronation Ball," took place in 1952, solidifying the city's rock and roll legacy.

  10. Cuyahoga River's Comeback:

    The Cuyahoga River, infamous for fires, sparked environmental change. The 1969 fire prompted the Clean Water Act and EPA creation. Today, it's a recreational hotspot.

  11. Playhouse Square's Grandeur:

    Playhouse Square, with its colossal outdoor chandelier, is the second-largest performing arts center in the U.S. Saved from demolition in the '70s, it's now a thriving cultural hub.

  12. Cleveland, a Sports Hub:

    With over a century of sports history, Cleveland boasts champions like Jesse Owens and LeBron James. Fun fact: the Browns' eight championships surpass all other Cleveland teams combined.

Discover Cleveland's unique tapestry, where history, innovation, and culture converge in unexpected and delightful ways.


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