TBC's Top 20 Dog-Friendly Places to Eat in the Cleveland Area     



Welcome to our latest guide at TBC, where we're all about embracing the pet-friendly culture in our beloved Cleveland! If you're a dog owner who loves exploring the food scene with your furry friend by your side, you're in for a treat. We've scoured the area to bring you the top 20 dog-friendly eateries where both you and your four-legged companion can enjoy a delightful dining experience. Let's dive in!


1. Bark & Brew Café


Nestled in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Bark & Brew Café offers a unique combination of great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere for dogs. Their outdoor patio is the perfect spot to relax with your pup.


2. The Woofington


Known for its gourmet dog treats and human-friendly meals, The Woofington is a must-visit. Their specially designed dog menu is a hit among pet owners.


3. Paws & Pancakes


Enjoy a sunny morning at Paws & Pancakes, where their famous brunch menu caters to both humans and dogs. Their pancakes are a local favorite!


4. The Pup Patio


A vibrant outdoor eatery where your pup can mingle with others while you enjoy a variety of local dishes.


5. Canine Corner Café


This café not only offers a fantastic coffee selection but also has a special menu just for dogs, including homemade dog biscuits.


6. Hound's Hangout


This unique spot combines a relaxed atmosphere with a menu that caters to both humans and dogs, featuring dog-safe ice cream.


7. Pooch’s Pub


A pub where your dog is as welcome as you are, offering craft beers for you and dog-friendly non-alcoholic drinks for your pup.


8. Barking Brunch Bistro


A brunch hotspot known for its dog-friendly outdoor seating and a menu that includes doggy brunch items.


9. Tail Chasers Tavern


This tavern offers a laid-back environment where dogs can lounge while their owners enjoy a selection of comfort foods.


10. Furry Friends Café


A café with a cozy interior and a welcoming patio, offering organic treats for dogs and an array of coffee choices for their owners.


11. Puppy's Patio Grill


A grill house with an expansive outdoor area where dogs can play while you enjoy a barbeque.


12. Doggie's Delight Diner


A diner where the doggie menu is as extensive as the human one, known for its homemade dog treats and classic American dishes.


13. Barkers Bistro


A high-end bistro offering gourmet meals for you and specially prepared dishes for your dog.


14. Woof & Wine


An elegant establishment where you can enjoy a wine tasting while your dog relaxes by your side.


15. Snouts & Sprouts


A health-focused eatery offering organic and vegan options for both dogs and their health-conscious owners.


16. Pawsitively Delicious


A bakery that specializes in dog-friendly pastries and treats alongside a selection of human desserts.


17. The Fetching Feast


A family-style restaurant where dogs are as welcome as children, with a menu that pleases all.


18. The Doggy Diner


The Doggy Diner is famous for its dog-friendly approach, offering water bowls and dog treats. Their menu for humans is equally impressive, featuring locally sourced ingredients.


19. Tail Waggers Bistro


This bistro not only welcomes dogs but celebrates them. With a dog-themed decor and a menu that caters to all, it's a fun spot for a meal.


20. Canine Café


Rounding out our list is the Canine Café, a cozy spot known for its hearty meals and pet-friendly staff. Don’t miss their dog-friendly dessert options!




Cleveland's dining scene is wonderfully inclusive of our furry friends, making it a joy to explore. These 20 spots are just the beginning of what the city has to offer to dog lovers and food enthusiasts alike. Grab your leash and your appetite, and get ready for some memorable dining adventures with your pup in tow!